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We are recognized for participating in overly complex matters and offering specialized, strategic, preventive, practical and innovative advice.

We are committed to continuing with this quality standard, focusing on the challenges of the economic and labor context, adapting to the changing environment, and making use of technological advances, with the purpose of being a strategic ally for our clients.

The following matters are part of our specialized practice:

  • Prevention and resolution of individual and collective conflicts.
  • Development of strategies and support in individual and collective negotiations.
  • Advice and sponsorship in labor arbitrations.
  • Advice and sponsorship in labor inspection procedures and labor administrative procedures.
  • Advice and sponsorship in labor judicial processes.
  • Labor audits.
  • Occupational health and safety advice and work plans for surveillance, prevention, and control.
  • Consultancy on individual and collective labor matters, social and immigration security.
  • Specialized training.
  • Management of immigration procedures.


  • We provide services for clients in the food, commerce, construction, energy, finance, manufacturing, mining, fishing, retail, services, telecommunications, and transportation industries.
  • We have participated satisfactorily in the planning and execution of labor strategies in sensitive cases, such as restructuring, collective disputes, economic crises and acts of force majeure.
  • We have successfully advised on the labor management of companies that were affected by the pandemic, as well as on the continuity or resumption of their activities.
  • We have sponsored labor arbitrations with favorable results for our clients and provided advice for the implementation of alternative mechanisms that allowed the solution of collective disputes.
  • We have an optimal management of technologies to provide our services in complex cases, such as court hearings, negotiations, labor audits and specialized training.
  • We have sponsored our clients in labor court proceedings in complex cases with favorable results, whose subjects were related to issues of collective labor law, labor discipline, temporary hiring, outsourcing of services, compensation for damages, equal pay and payment of remuneration and social benefits.

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To communicate directly and consistently with our clients.

Laboral 24/7 Podcast

The region's first podcast on employment law, aviable on

Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


A tool for managing collective bargaining agreements, which enables

access to and the comparison of updated information on how companies

are negotiating with their unions and how arbitrators are issuing decisions.


A platform developed by Miranda & Amado to optimized the management of

immigration procedures, EVVA provides clients with real-time information about

their cases and makes the interaction between lawyers and clients user-friendly.

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Useful information on labor matters that will facilitate your daily work.

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