Our Firm

An innovative law firm that provides comprehensive advice. We put our clients and our people at the center of everything we do.

Our firm was born in 1999 and we have ever since strengthened our position as a leading law firm in a variety of practice areas, without losing sight of our specialized approach, so much so that we provide original, effective and top-quality solutions in highly sophisticated matters, both locally and globally. Moreover, we stand out for having participated in many of the most groundbreaking and first-of-their-kind transactions in Peru.

Our unique approach to practicing law is mirrored by our sense of commitment, ethics, rigorousness and innovation. Understanding what each of our clients need lies at the heart of our success and, therefore, caring about building long-term relationships and getting to know their business enables us to provide the best solution to each problem in a variety of industries and regions.

We are members of Affinitas, a team of leading law firms operating in the Pacific Alliance, committed to meeting the needs of our clients through a closely interconnected network.


We do it differently with our team
We work as a team with:
  • Respect, loyalty and integrity
  • We aim at people development
  • We value diversity
We do it differently with our customers
We put ourselves in our customers’ position:
  • We try to anticipate their necessities
  • We focus on their needs
  • We upgrade internal processes to improve our services
We do it differently with society
We are part of society and we have a technical relationship with the State
  • We have led pro bono work initiatives and several corporate social responsibility efforts
  • We have a technical professional approach
  • It is our concern to have a professional and flawless performance with the State
We do it differently with the scholar community
We have a solid relationship with universities
  • We have included an academic profile in our services
  • We promote teaching activities
  • We promote specialization in the country and abroad
  • We interact with universities permanently


Remaining at the forefront of legal services providers demands a team of top-notch lawyers who are committed to and focused on excellence. Our lawyers are graduates of prestigious law schools in Peru, Latin America, United States and Europe, and their professional experience has been honed by working with some of the most renowned firms worldwide.








The firm starts to bring in new lawyers and add new practice areas.


The opening of Miranda & Amado’s new corporate headquarters overlooking the Miraflores coastline marks the beginning of the firm’s consolidation and internationalization.


Miranda & Amado joins Affinitas, a consolidated and prominent network in the region, currently formed by four leading law firms in Pacific Alliance countries: Barros & Errázuriz (Chile), Gómez-Pinzón (Colombia), Mijares Angoitia Cortés y Fuentes (Mexico) and Miranda & Amado (Peru).


Miranda & Amado becomes the first Peruvian law firm to be shortlisted as “Best Law Firm of Latin America” at the Chambers Global Awards. Also, the firm signs the Pro Bono Declaration for the Americas.


Miranda & Amado becomes the first Peruvian law firm to be recognized as “Peru Law Firm of the Year” by Chambers & Partners. The firm becomes the first carbon neutral-certified law firm in Peru.


Miranda & Amado broadens its services by creating a new real estate practice area.


For the first time in Miranda & Amado, a lawyer that began as an intern is promoted to partner. Moreover, Chambers & Partners highlights Miranda & Amado’s extensive experience and excellent customer service and once again recognizes the firm with the “Best Client Service" in Peru award.


Miranda & Amado firm expands its services by creating the insurance and insolvency practice area.


Priori & Carrillo, one of the major legal boutiques in Peru specializing in civil litigation and arbitration in Peru, joins Miranda & Amado, making the firm’s dispute practice area the largest one in Peru with 28 lawyers.

Miranda & Amado launches its SIM M&A app, a digital tool that consolidates, systematizes and permanently updates the most relevant municipal information for the firm’s real estate clients.

Miranda & Amado is recognized for the third time as “Peru Law Firm of the Year” by International Financial Law Review and as “Peru Tax Firm of the Year” by International Tax Review. Affinitas is recognized as “Leading Regional Law Firm Network in Latin America” by Chambers & Partners.


We appointed a Director of Legal Innovation, who, together with the partners, leads the digital transformation process of the firm, as well as the Legaltech initiatives that we have been developing.

We launched “Laboral 24/7”, the first labor podcast in the region, available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


Our law firm relies on over 110 lawyers, whose broad experience garnered from working at international law firms has enabled them to lead legal teams responsible for carrying out investment and development projects in a variety of industries, such as energy, gas, mining and transportation, with the highest standards of performance.

Diversity is one of our utmost strengths. We constantly strive to perfect our assessment policies and procedures to bring then in line with the skills and qualifications of individuals, extending equal opportunities to each and every one of our lawyers, regardless of their gender.

We have been recognized for expertly managing multinational transactions and for participating in several of the most groundbreaking and first-of-their-kind transactions in Peru.


A group of eight lawyers, mostly in their early thirties, join forces to form Miranda & Amado.


Miranda & Amado is recognized as “Future Leader of the Peruvian Market” by the prestigious English publication Chambers & Partners.


Miranda & Amado’s array of services is enhanced by creating a new litigation practice area.


Miranda & Amado participates in the negotiation of over 4,000 contracts with owners and holders for the release of 410 km of the gas pipeline’s right-of-way to the Peru LNG project. This involvement marks the beginning of Miranda & Amado’s land management services for natural resources and infrastructure projects, where the firm has remained a leader thus far.


Miranda & Amado opens its environmental practice area. The law firm launches its Knowledge Management Center, aiming to systematically manage all of the law firm’s information and expertise.


Miranda & Amado launches the Pro Bono Challenge as a token of its commitment to provide greater access to legal services. The firm becomes the first Peruvian law firm to receive the Chambers & Partners’ “Best Client Service” award.


Miranda & Amado exceeds USD 6 billion in advised deals increasing threefold a year later (to more than USD 18 billion).


Miranda & Amado continues to grow and brings its number of lawyers to more than 100. An international arbitration group is created to include lawyers with practical experience in this specialized field in London, New York, Paris and Washington. Miranda & Amado is recognized as “Peru Law Firm of the Year” by International Financial Law Review.


Miranda & Amado joins forces with GEA, a consulting firm, to provide social and legal management advisory services. Once again, the firm is recognized as “Peru Law Firm of the Year” by International Financial Law Review.


Miranda & Amado is again distinguished as the "Peru Law Firm of the Year” by Chambers & Partners. Moreover, Miranda & Amado is the first law firm to win an ABE award, the foremost recognition given to human resources management in Peru.


Miranda & Amado launches White-Collar Crime & Compliance practice to strengthen the firm’s full-service approach.

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