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Our dispute resolution practice area provides sound advice to our clients throughout judicial and administrative proceedings, as well as in domestic and international arbitration matters. Our prominent position in this practice area is attributable to the breadth of experience offered by our highly-skilled lawyers, who represent clients in complex matters, including regulatory and construction disputes, specifically in the electricity and oil and gas industries, as well as in labor issues.

Our pioneering work in international arbitration has led our lawyers to participate in several of the most high-profile cases in the market.


  • Counsel to Aunor: Arbitration held before the ICSID in Washington headquarter against Peruvian State Govenment to claim damages as of US$ 150 million for the execution of a road concession contract. Co-defense with Dechert.
  • Counsel to Lamsac: Arbitration held before the International Chamber of Arbitration at Paris headquart against the Lima Municipality (MLM). MLM claims the nullity of a road concession contract and LAMSAC claims damages as of US$ 120 million. Co-defense with King & Spalding.
  • Counsel to Quanta: Arbitrations held in Lima before the International Chamber of Commerce - CCI against PRONATEL and the MTC. Damages as of US $ 100 million are claimed for the improper resolution of the Telecommunications Broadband Installation contracts in Tumbes, Piura and Cajamarca.
  • Counsel to APEA: Unconstitutional process held before the Constitutional Court against Article 66.7 of Consumer Protection and Defense Code, for violating the rights to freedom of contract, freedom of enterprise and the consumers rights. The existence of this law means, on a large scale, losses of millions at Airlines companies and a detrimental effect on the market.
  • Counsel to Arenera La Molina: Protection processes (Amparo Processes) before the Judicial Authority against the Ministry of Housing, Construction and Sanitation for acts of confiscation that affected property rights. Throughout confiscation acts, the State appropriated several land areas owned by Arenera La Molina without paying a fair price.

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A tool for managing collective bargaining agreements, which enables

access to and the comparison of updated information on how companies

are negotiating with their unions and how arbitrators are issuing decisions.


An analytical intelligence platform for judicial practice, MANDO captures information on

the course of litigation entrusted to the Firm and provides relevant indicators to the

lawyers in charge on the different judicial benches or the duration of proceedings, or other 

indicators that help to bring about better strategies.

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