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We provide advice to our clients on corporate compliance and risk management matters. Through our multidisciplinary approach, we apply good practices in the prevention, detection and mitigation of various legal risks, including those related to corruption, money laundering and terrorism financing, competition, data protection, labor and other risks inherent in our clients’ business and operations. In particular, our team’s primary responsibilities are:

  • Providing advice on the design, implementation and execution of compliance programs (prevention models), walking our clients through the process of risk identification and assessment, tailoring policies, procedures and controls, providing guidance on the selection of the prevention or compliance officer, and answering questions on the execution of the program given any occurrence of possible defaults.
  • Providing guidance to entities required to have a system for the prevention of money laundering and terrorism financing, and preparing policies, procedures, codes of conduct, manuals and other instruments necessary to manage such risks.
  • Conducting due diligence processes concerning legal risks and prevention systems existing prior to transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, funding or as routine procedures for monitoring our clients internally.
  • Counseling on matters referring to interactions with public officials in general, such as conflicts of interest, prohibitions and disqualifications in the recruitment of former public officials, interest management and, in general, matters aimed at maintaining ethical relations with the public sector.
  • Offering advice on matters referring to the compliance with corporate governance principles and good practices, including the drafting of General Shareholders Meeting’s and Board of Directors’ regulations, and providing advice on matters related to the management of conflicts of interest in corporate bodies and directors’ and managers’ liability.
  • Providing general consulting services on matters related to legal risks and corporate ethics management, to serve our clients’ needs.


  • Advice to Sandoval Group companies in the design of their prevention models, under the scope of Law 30424, as amended, adopting good practices derived from the NTP-ISO37001 standard, as well as personnel training.
  • Advice to Corporación Aceros Arequipa S.A. in the design of its prevention model.
  • Advice to Marubeni Corporation in the adaptation of its global compliance program to its representation office in Peru, and personnel training.
  • Regular advice to various clients on matters referring to their interaction with the public sector and the ensuing legal risks.

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