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Our specialized advice on tax matters draws on our far-reaching experience in handling and solving complex queries, including structuring highly-sophisticated transactions and walking our clients through government tax audits. Moreover, we represent clients in litigation before the different Peruvian tax administration bodies, the Tax Court and the Judiciary.

We stand out from our competitors for our in-depth knowledge of tax issues and our comprehensive tax practice has grown to serve a wide spectrum of clients in regulated industries, such as the financial sector, natural resources, infrastructure and telecommunications. We also provide customs planning and consulting services in international trade transactions and focus on the defense of customs proceedings and procedures.


  • Successfully represented Kimberly Clark in court against a social security contribution collection order issued by SUNAT in connection with discretionary profit-sharing payments made to the company's workers.
  • Successfully represented Enel Generación Perú (Enel Group) in an appeal filed with the Tax Court against SUNAT on the grounds of the tax authority’s failure to accept the deduction of PEN 30 million in financial expenses incurred in the pre-operating stage of one of the company’s combined-cycle power plants.
  • Successfully represented Sumitomo Corporation del Perú in the adversary proceeding brought with the Tax Court against SUNAT in connection with the observations raised by the Tax Authority on the carryforward of tax losses amounting to USD 6 million.
  • Successfully represented Banco de Crédito del Perú with the Tax Court against a social security contribution collection order issued by SUNAT in connection with various workers' compensation plans.
  • Successfully defended Entel Perú (formerly Nextel del Perú) in an appeal filed against SUNAT in connection with a tax collection order that disregarded the company’s right to deduct tax losses after declining the guarantees granted by a tax stability agreement.
  • Successfully defended Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas and Universidad Privada del Norte in their action for amparo to reverse the orders on ascertainment of debt issued by the Tax Administration.
  • In charge of structuring the sale of Duke Energy International, Inc.'s assets. Participated in the indirect sale of the company’s equity interests in Latin America.
  • In charge of structuring the acquisition of Concesionaria Línea Amarilla by Vinci Highways.
  • Successfully defended a claim against an income tax collection order issued by the Tax Administration that disregarded PEN 68 million (approximately USD 21 million) in expenses.
  • In charge of tax planning in the sale of Marcobre's equities.

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