Opportunities for All

Diversity has always been one of our strengths. We constantly strive to perfect our assessment policies and procedures to bring them in line with the skills and qualifications of individuals.

Some of Our Initiatives:


Miranda & Amado affords LGBTIQ+ couples and heterosexual and common-law marriages equal rights to private medical insurance. Protection is offered to couples through a travel accidental death insurance and compensation is paid accordingly.

Likewise, we grant birth and adoption leaves of absence for LGBTIQ+ couples, under the same conditions as for heterosexual couples. We also grant leaves of absence both in the event of an accident or serious illness of a direct relative and in the event of the death of a direct relative, acknowledging this link within the group of direct relatives.

Although Peruvian law does not acknowledge these rights, Miranda & Amado grants them based on its non-discrimination policy regarding gender or sexual orientation.

Flexibility plan:

Miranda & Amado has implemented working arrangements, such as i) Flextime and Part- time Programs, offering reduced working hours vis-à-vis the firm’s official schedule; ii) Temporary Home Office, enabling lawyers to work remotely from their homes or any other location outside the office, half a day, two to four times a week; and iii) Full-time Home Office, enabling lawyers to work remotely from their homes, in Peru or abroad. Proper contact with the firm is ensured through regular interaction on digital channels.

More days of maternity and paternity leave:

Our law firm grants one hundred days of paid maternity leave and ten days of paid paternity leave, although not mandated by law, nor established as a regular market practice.


Our harassment policy seeks to establish a clear procedure on how to handle a likely case of harassment and preventive guidelines against all forms of discrimination. Likewise, we have a Human Management, Diversity and Ethics Committee, which main mission is to safeguard the integrity of all the people who make up the firm.

Miranda & Amado holds a firm stand against any form of harassment or discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, place of origin, disability or other factors.

Know our numbers

Representation of Men
and Women in our law firm

  • 49%
  • 51%
(*) December 2022.

Lawyer hiring
during 2021

  • 67%
  • 33%
(*) December 2022.

Representation of men and women
in our administrative team

  • 57%
  • 43%
(*) December 2022.

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