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Our Firm has a very active private wealth law practice, which has grown from strength to strength over the last few years, covering the full range of private wealth law matters. It is especially well-versed in advising on inheritance law for high net worth families and business groups, including estate planning, trusts and wills, and defending clients in any emerging conflicts. In this scenario, the team handles significant matters for high-profile clients. 

Our Private Wealth law practice is a very well-rounded one, boasting specialized lawyers from the Firm’s tax, real estate, corporate, and finance practice groups to build tailor-made and flexible teams on a case-by-case basis. The team line-up combines the expertise and resources to deal with every aspect of private wealth law, hence enabling us to devise structures that warrant medium- to long-term protection to our clients’ assets.


  • We advised on the testate succession of one of the most famous mining businessmen in Peru, who founded and headed one of the top mining groups in the country through his holding companies and subsidiaries. The value of his estate and companies exceeds USD 1 billion. Our team was commissioned to advise and defend the principal heir and wife of the deceased. The work consisted in analyzing the impact of the patriarch’s death on the Peruvian mining group and on the considerable estate held both in Peru and abroad. We also designed the negotiation and defense strategy, seeking the minimum possible impact on the group’s domestic and foreign companies, against the co-heirs of the deceased, whose interests were not always aligned with those of our client or the mining group. Accordingly, our work focused on planning and protecting the inheritance and indirect property at stake. The planning included the acquisition of shares in a non-resident mining trading company.
  • We responded to the request of a high net worth client, who lacked clarity and was not knowledgeable enough about his rights and authority within a Peruvian business group. Our work consisted in providing housekeeping services for the client, thoroughly assessing the different levels of rights within the family's economic group, tracking our client’s position, and corporate and contractual rights, all of this within the framework of documents that are often confidential or difficult to access.
  • We advised on an important intestate succession that originated in Peru and other jurisdictions with the death of a Peruvian businessman. Our team was commissioned by his surviving spouse (heir), as well as two of their children (also heirs), to assess the status to move on with the planning and concurrent defense of the estate in connection with the intestate succession. We drew a plan to enforce their rights and protect the estate, while leading the intestate succession proceedings between our clients and the other two family branches of the deceased.
  • Our team was commissioned to analyze the potential risks that could arise for the family group due to possible government measures that could probably be issued by the incoming Peruvian government. After analyzing the hypotheses and possible impacts on the family group—which is one of the most important in Peru—our estate planning team designed a short- and medium-term strategy to protect the family assets, with particular focus on the real estate property and investments.
  • We advised on a complex issue related to estate planning from a probate perspective. The complexity resulted from the client's objective: two different wills that, in practice, were tied for the family group patriarch and matriarch. Complexity also stemmed from the special estate distribution provisions that they sought to incorporate in the wills to organize the family estate after the death of each family head. Both objectives are prohibited, in principle, by Peruvian law, which is why our Private Wealth team found itself in the need to conduct a thorough analysis of the different perspectives and applicable legal regulations to find a way to achieve the objectives without committing violations that could later invalidate the design of the estate’s planning. Our team prepared a complex pilot will, under the form of a private probate document, which will serve as the cornerstone for the family estate distribution protocol after the death of each family head.
  • We advised upon the death of a noteworthy Peruvian businessman, recognized for his versatile investments across Peruvian business groups. Our commission began with the request of the surviving spouse and the children, all of them heirs of the deceased, to take the lead in the initial efforts to enforce the will and the preliminary planning of the estate, in particular, regarding the shares in one of the most important mining companies in Peru, of which the deceased was a majority shareholder. The initial design prepared by our Private Wealth team was also required to consider that one of the heirs is a permanent U.S. resident, which posed certain risks and consequences to be mitigated in the planning of the case.

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