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Working as a team with our strategic allies, the firm offers two lines of services that provide significant added value to clients in the development of their investment projects, whether on natural resources, energy, infrastructure or other business endeavors.

Land Management Services

Since the year 2006, the firm offers land management services designed to address all of our clients’ needs with regards to obtaining access to the land necessary to carry out their projects. Our legal input is empowered by other highly specialized professionals (engineers, architects, sociologists and anthropologists), to provide comprehensive services regarding the:

  • Identification of legal title, possession and other third-party rights over land.
  • Production of land and rights cadasters (virtual), databases (census) and technical dossiers for each individual land plot to be affected. 
  • Valuation of applicable indemnifications.
  • Establishment of procedures for land access compensation.
  • Negotiation of contracts and recording of the same in the public registries.
  • Performance of contractual obligations (management of payments).
  • Advisory on strategies to prevent conflicts associated with land access.
  • Configuration and procedures for crisis management associated with land access.

Though we work in projects of all shapes and sizes, we are the most experienced and successful team in connection with large infrastructure projects in Peru. Our services are rendered in an integral manner, perfectly aligned with the short, mid and long-term objectives of our clients; without ever losing the immediate purpose of achieving access to the land in the most adequate and efficient manner for the development of the project at hand.

Socio-Legal Services

On the other hand, since 2017 we provide socio-legal services that are indispensable to undertake a proper decision-making process in the development of projects in Peru.

Making an interdisciplinary team with experts in social risk management, we combine our legal knowledge with their experience to offer:


  • Assessment (due diligence) of the social and legal situation of the project
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Evaluation of the social components of socio-environmental instruments (permits)

Action plans:

  • Plan for the engagement of key stakeholders
  • Communications plan to manage perceptions
  • Local development plan
  • Citizen monitoring plan


  • Social engagement support
  • Prevention and resolution of conflicts

The rendering of support services allows to regularly assess and identify the level of exposure of the project and the development of strategies to deal with conflict scenarios.

We also provide assessments that allow our clients to adapt and comply with the standards required by multilateral agencies, local or international financial institutions that monitor the socio-environmental profile and compliance of the projects.

The comprehensive land management and socio-legal services allow our clients to construct positive relationships as from the first interaction in the field.


  • Our experience in numbers - More than: 2,000 kilometres of transmission lines; 850 kilometres of gas pipelines; 600 purchase contracts, 550 lease contracts and 4,300 easements; negotiations with 136 agricultural and native communities; 1,500 households censed; projects with aggregate investments over US$ 28,000 million.
  • Representing Peru LNG in the negotiation of the right-of-way with owners and possessors of land required for the construction of a 408 km natural gas pipeline, including the registration -for the first time in Peru- of these type of easements in the public registry. We managed approximately 4000 negotiations for individual contracts, including 40 agricultural communities.
  • Advised Cerro del Águila S.A. (an Inkia Energy subsidiary) in the land management activities relating to the 500 MW Cerro del Águila hydroelectric power plant project, which included the 220-kV transmission line component and the acquisition of all the area required to implement said project, including 8 agricultural communities.
  • Carried out the land management of the La Granja mining Project for 4 years, including: producing an action plan encompassing all activities to achieve the company’s objectives; diagnosis and census of the land plots and households located in the area of influence of the project (7400 hectares); negotiation of exploration platforms; and, renegotiation, extension and execution of the contracts required for the project.

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