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Our firm is involved in the development of important and highly complex real estate projects, in all its phases. We offer counseling to obtain permission and licenses, due diligence processes, sanitation, sale and purchase of properties - urban and rural land-, structure and execution of projects through multidisciplinary teams, among others. We stand out for our experience and high degree of specialization, counseling in housing, commerce and industry sectors.

We have developed an innovative Municipal Information System software, better known by its Spanish acronym “SIM M&A”, which allows clients to access up-to-date municipal information about properties in which they might be interested. The purpose of this application is to provide clients with readily available information about zoning, parameters and the permitted uses of properties located in Lima. Using Google Maps, SIM M&A allows clients to determine in real time the suitability of properties for their real estate projects. For more information:


  • Comprehensive legal advice to TC Latin America Partners from 2012 to date, in the investment in more than 14 real estate businesses in Lima and provinces; highlighting the indirect acquisition of 80% of the Villa In El Polo project, which comprises more than 900 apartments in Surco district, as well as the acquisition and development of two real estate projects in Arequipa.
  • Comprehensive legal advice to Paladin Realty Partners, LLC. in all its real estate investments in Peru. Paladin has been actively investing in Peru since 2006 and to date has acquired or participated in the development of 19 residential and commercial projects in the country.
  • Comprehensive legal advice to EOM Grupo in a mixed-use project in Cusco, which covers approximately 12,000 square meters and constitutes one of the most innovative projects in Cusco.
  • Advised Administradora Jockey Plaza Shopping Center S.A. in the acquisition of Boulevard de Asia.
  • Comprehensive legal advice to Arte Express y Compañía S.A.C. from 2016 to date, in its real estate projects, mainly focused on the acquisition, recovery and enhancement of the Historic Center of Lima; highlighting the purchase of emblematic buildings, such as the CPT, Sudamericana, Fénix, Popular and Porvenir buildings, and part of the Lima Stock Exchange building.
  • Legal Advice to Arte Express y Compañía S.A.C. in the acquisition of seven buildings of Rímac Seguros y Reaseguros (including part of the Lima Stock Exchange building) located in the Historic Center of Lima.
  • Advised Inversiones EWS S.A.C. in the acquisition of 350 hectares of rural land in the north of the country for the constitution of a protected natural area and a project of country houses.

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