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First Class Team


Staying at the forefront of legal services requires having a first class team of lawyers. We believe in a corporate culture that puts in the spotlight the development of its staff. This is a feature that our customers recognize as an advantage of our legal service.

In Miranda & Amado we implement staff policies designed to attract and retain qualified lawyers. The original core of 8 lawyers has expanded considerably and the firm, composed today of more than 100 lawyers, has been consolidated with the incorporation of new professionals and practitioners strictly selected in functions of their capacities and personal qualities. Amongst the new members we promote creativity, direct contact with the client, and international exposure and learning. We promote the search of innovative solutions and reward the talent that transforms into concrete contribution to the client and the firm.

Our Standard

The majority of our lawyers, have graduated from recognized law schools in Peru, and have postgraduate studies at renowned universities in the U.S. and Europe, as well as professional experience in some of the most prestigious law firms in New York, Washington D.C., Chicago, Sao Paulo and London. That is our standard and because of that we set incentives for our young lawyers to continue their studies abroad and gain experience in legal firms in other markets.

Miranda & Amado has more than double number of lawyers with international experience than its closest competitor.


Foto de Nathalie Paredes

Nathalie Paredes

“One would have thought that reintegrating M&A, after living abroad for more than three years, would have been a long and complicated process. On the contrary, since my first day back in M&A I felt home again, feeling not only a member but a part of a working team, that while much larger, still maintains its values, philosophy and desires that have characterized us since the beginning and that have contributed to what we are today”.

Foto de Felipe Gamboa

Felipe Gamboa

“Challenges, goals, openness to innovation. Teamwork, compromise, creativity. Working at Miranda & Amado is for me continuous learning, a constant reinvention of myself to provide a quality service. Since the first moment, still in law school, working at Miranda & Amado has meant being part of a dynamic and horizontal organization, composed by professionals that are an example and not only because of their legal practice. Miranda & Amado is an organization that values people that make it possible. An opportunity to solve problems, to grow, to contribute. Miranda & Amado is a team with room for ideas that become projects that become real”.

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Management support

To ensure that our lawyers are exclusively dedicated to provide the highest quality and to create value to all of our clients, in Miranda & Amado we have an administrative team of almost 90 people that gives support in various areas: management, finance, accounting, billing, collection, human resources, payroll, information technology, archive, library, marketing, communications, processes, logistic, internal management, kitchen, cleaning and messenger service.