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March 8, 2017

Seven Keys for Successful Employment Management in Companies

Miranda & Amado specialists provided advice for suitable talent management in organizations

On March 7, Miranda & Amado Abogados, one of Peru’s top-notch firms, held “Seven keys for 2017”, an event targeted to those responsible for human resources management and employment relations in companies, with the aim to share a series of tips to improve human resources and legal management in their organizations.

Leading labor lawyers Renato Mejía and Jorge Toyama were responsible for presenting this master lecture which stressed the importance of strategic human resources management as the backbone of good labor practices. They also shared with the participants valuable advice based on their broad professional experience.

They highlighted the importance of always bearing in mind and handling key employment complaints; not minimizing new trade union strategies; staying abreast of developments in labor standards supervision; solving problems internally prior to engaging in oral proceedings; looking after the company’s reputation in employment matters; being aware of actions seeking compensation for damages; and also remembering the employer’s powers, as well as the importance of organizational redesign.

In this context, Jorge Toyama pointed out that “in the current context, workers and trade unions boost their claims by using unconventional platforms such as social media and by bringing down the company’s reputation through complaints with clients and supply chains, etc.”  Moreover, Renato Mejía remarked that “at present, the growing media attention to labor disputes and workplace inspections has a negative impact on the reputation of organizations and, therefore, it is better to adopt preventive measures through proper internal management.”