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June 18, 2019

We introduce CILAB- Centro de Capacitacion Integral y Laboratorio Laboral (Integral Training Center and Labor Laboratory)

  • Our labor area has developed four training programs with the purpose of empowering professionals, providing them with useful, practical and simple tools to facilitate their work in matters of collective negotiation, labor relations, audits, trials, inspections, etc.

CILAB – Capacitación Integral y Laboratorio Laboral (Integral Training Center and Work Laboratory) , is a training center developed by our Labor Law team designed to update the labor knowledge of professionals who integrate the human resources and legal areas of the companies and provide them with the necessary knowledge to solve any labor problem.

In this sense, CILAB offers four training programs with the purpose of teaching participants what is not learned in a classroom: how judges and labor inspectors think, what are the best labor practices to manage labor relations, how to reduce occupational risks, etc., based on the experience of our experts:

  1. Distance learning: Online courses with didactic material and interactive guides that cover fundamental labor issues
  2. In-house Training: Workshops designed for those clients that require a specific focus on a labor issue imparted in their facilities.
  3. Face-to-face training: 1- or 2-day Intensive training on various labor topics, in the meeting room of a renowned hotel in the city.
  4. Online Training: Online workshops on topics of current labor issues imparted through a webinar system.

Each training program has been prepared by a specialized team, under a methodology that seeks to prioritize practical experiences and the discussion of real cases.