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June 28, 2018

We took part in the Aequales PAR ranking to measure gender and diversity equality

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving our diversity and equal opportunities policies within the firm, we participated in the “PAR: Fourth Gender Equality in Organizations Ranking”, conducted by Aequales, which has enabled us to arrive at a clear diagnosis of the situation within our firm compared to other firms in Peru, and to learn more about good labor practices with the potential to help us continue improving.

At Miranda & Amado we have always viewed diversity as one of our strengths and we strive constantly to perfect our policies and assessment procedures so that they remain focused on ability and merit. That is why we find measurements like this extremely valuable, as they also allow us to continue improving our programs and policies in favor of gender equality.

Aequales is a company which seeks to assist organizations on the path towards gender equality, promoting an environment in which men and women can enjoy the same opportunities when it comes to accessing leadership positions. The methodology used by the PAR ranking is divided into four categories: goal management (30%), organizational culture (25%), talent management (25%), and organizational structure (20%).