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March 22, 2019

We organized a working breakfast to provide labor recommendations for human management

  • Our Partners Renato Mejía and Jorge Toyama addressed the most relevant challenges that human resources areas have in labor matters.

Our firm organized a working breakfast on Wednesday to introduce the latest trends in labor applied to human management.

In the event, our Partners, Renato Mejía and Jorge Toyama, gave a talk in which they addressed issues such as labor inspection, judicial trends based on the most important decisions of 2018, recommendations for labor and union management, and labor risks, etc.

An analysis of the labor aspects dealt with in the Competitiveness and Productivity National Plan prepared by the government and how companies will have to adapt to them was also provided.

During the event, a survey was conducted for managers and executives of the legal and human resources areas in order to know how the regulatory and labor judicial changes affect companies. To see the results, click here