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February 6, 2020

Miranda & Amado and Laboratoria Join Forces to Host the First Hackathon for Legal Management Areas of Peru

On March 31 and April 1, the Legal Hackathon will bring together, during a 36-hour sprint, Laboratoria graduates, who will develop solutions for the challenges faced by the legal areas of Peru’s major companies.

An event that aims to innovate one of the most traditional areas in any company. This is what the Legal Hackathon organized by Miranda & Amado and Laboratoria is about: a non-stop day of learning, disruption and 36 hours of programming where UX Designers and Front-end Developers, all female graduates of Laboratoria, will develop digital solutions targeted at top legal management areas in Peru.

Digital transformation is not only about investing in technology. There are many aspects to consider, one of the main ones being the learning mindset and culture that must be embraced by leaders and collaborators alike in any organization. True to this concept, not only will the Legal Hackathon seek to develop digital solutions to pave the way for legal areas and their internal clients, but it will also include workshops with a focus on changing mindsets and on how legal management areas can expedite their work in times of legal ops and legal tech.

On March 31 and April 1, eight legal management areas will propose challenges to Laboratoria graduates, who will in turn, under the mentoring of Laboratoria and Miranda & Amado, create innovative products aligned with the objectives of each company to enable them to take the lead in the digital era and add further value in assisting their internal clients. Following this digital marathon, these management areas will bring back to their organizations a prototype that will allow them to test the newly developed functionalities with their legal services users.

“Over the past three years, Laboratoria has worked with more than 50 companies from different industries in identifying the needs of business leaders to help them instil in their collaborators the skills of the future. Competing in the digital economy is a major challenge for the business world, a challenge that companies need not face alone. This joint effort with Miranda & Amado is a shining example of how both private companies and educational organizations can drive the industry together into a more diverse, inclusive and competitive one,” said María Paula Rivarola, Country Director of Laboratoria in Peru.

As Felipe Gamboa, Director of Legal Innovation at Miranda & Amado, puts it, lawyers who incorporate design and technology into their work processes can increase the satisfaction of their internal clients. “There is a need to bridge the gap between Laboratoria’s tech talent and the legal industry, to provide truly user-focused services. If we manage to develop a mindset that is consistent with the digital environment, there will be no aspect of lawyers’ in-house work, ranging from managing powers of attorney and the life cycle of contracts, to reporting on litigation and legal risks, which cannot be significantly improved. This hackathon is an opportunity for legal areas that seek to innovate and embrace the change brought by digital transformation.”

Miranda & Amado is institutionally committed to these types of initiatives, because the legal sector needs innovation, processes and technology to raise the customer service standard. The firm seeks to walk its clients through their digital transformation processes, so that they can leverage on the opportunities offered by technology to improve their operations.

Miranda & Amado is the only law firm that has participated, together with companies from different sectors, in two hackathons organized by Laboratoria. In its first try, back in 2018, the law firm came in first with the creation of a platform for managing collective bargaining agreements and trade union awards, a resource that has become the most complete database of relevant collective bargaining information.