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June 9, 2017

Miranda & Amado and GEA: Social and Legal Advisory Service Obtains Positive Results in First Months

Miranda & Amado Abogados and GEA joined forces six months ago to launch Peru’s first social and legal service.  It focuses on assisting companies that require comprehensive solutions to ensure the sustainability of their projects and investments.

 “The considerable reception of our service confirms that we made the right decision to form this alliance. The experience and specialized knowledge of both parties have resulted in a comprehensive analysis of cases to provide innovative solutions,” said Guillermo Bracamonte, a Partner of M&A’s Natural Resources and Infrastructure Projects Practice Area.

In these first few months, the advice provided to the mining and energy industries stand out among the advisory services performed.  Such services have included designing social management plans and conducting diagnosis of the social situation of communities living in the project area, providing solutions with social and legal components. This has resulted in key information considered in the decision-making process aimed at social management in the area of influence.

“We provide an unparalleled comprehensive and supplementary service. Our clients highly value our onsite personalized assistance, as we help them to identify their projects’ level of exposure and to define the action plans taking into account the nature of the multi-actor scenario in which their projects are developed,” said Lorena Carrillo, Founding Partner of GEA.

Among the main services offered are the diagnosis and assessment of the project’s social situation, stakeholder mapping, assessment of social and environmental impact studies to maximize the impact of the commitments assumed, and the development of key stakeholder, communications and community development strategic plans. Our advisory service involves a permanent assistance in the intervention area, with a view to evaluating and identifying the project’s level of exposure and strategy development in conflict scenarios.

Successful experiences are expected to continue in the coming months, as this new approach is adopted in the relationship process among companies, public entities and communities. This approach will allow to generate practical solutions that will optimize the social management of entrepreneurships.


The Miranda & Amado and GEA alliance began in December 2016 in response to the growing importance of social management in the development of infrastructure and natural resource investment projects. As a result, Miranda & Amado and GEA have developed a number of products that include both legal and social analyses, as well as tools that aid clients in the decision-making process.

The alliance’s objective is to offer companies developing natural resource and infrastructure projects comprehensive solutions that meet both legal and social relations standards.

The creation of the alliance was a natural consequence of the way projects are being developed in Peru, where social issues are becoming increasingly important and their proper management is essential for their suitable development. Such need was identified as part of Miranda & Amado’s constant search to provide its clients with better and more thorough services. Prior joint work experience confirmed the alliance’s potential and the added value that could be provided to its clients based on the capacity to design and execute comprehensive “social and legal strategies.”

Together, M&A and GEA have developed a set of 15 social and legal services divided into four categories: Diagnosis, Strategic Planning, Support and Improvement of Performance Standards.