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December 6, 2017

Miranda & Amado to Participate in GAJE’s 9th Worldwide Conference

Miranda & Amado and Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú [Pontifical Catholic University of Peru], through the Right to Personal Identity Section of its Legal Clinic, will participate in the 9th Worldwide Conference organized by the Global Alliance for Justice Education (GAJE).  The Breaking Down Walls: The Transformative Power of Justice Educationconference will take place from the 5 through the 12 of December at the campuses of Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey [Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education], in Puebla, and Universidad Autónoma de Tlaxcala [Autonomous University of Tlaxcala], in Tlaxcala, both in Mexico.

The event aims to be a meeting point to critically reflect on the power and role legal education plays in transforming societies, with the purpose of providing law teachers, law students and legal practitioners from around the world the opportunity to acquire new ideas, models, and skills for the use of education to that end.

Patricia Casaverde, an M&A associate, and Agustín Grandez, a professor at the Clinic, will give a presentation entitled “Legal Clinics on the Right to Personal Identity: An Example of Legal Clinics and Pro Bono Initiatives Working Hand in Hand,” through which they will share their experience regarding this subject, developed jointly by M&A and PUCP.  The purpose of said subject is that students are able to identify, start and perform administrative and strategic litigation actions on Right-to-Personal-Identity-related issues that may have a multiplier effect and affect a large low-income community.

The success of the Clinic’s Section lies in the joint effort of a law firm and one of the main law schools in Peru, whose goal is to implement a project that will contribute to solving a problem that affects the most vulnerable population in Peru and the Andean region at large.

GAJE is an Alliance of people committed to achieving justice through education, promoting socially relevant legal education programs that include the education of Law students, practicing lawyers, judges, non-governmental organizations, and the lay public.