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March 6, 2018

Miranda & Amado organized an event on the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of directors and management

Miranda & Amado hosted an event entitled “Fiduciary Duties and Responsibilities of Directors and Management”, yesterday March 5th, at the JW Marriot Hotel.

The event was organized in collaboration with the Supreme Court of the State of Delaware (USA), with the aim of gathering opinions and sharing experiences concerning this issue in the application of case law in Delaware, whose concepts of business judgment rule and entire fairness have been adapted into the legislation of several countries, including the current stock market laws of Peru.

“During the meeting, the issues addressed included the protection of directors’ discretion under Peruvian law, through a comparison with the case law of the State of Delaware”, said Roberto MacLean, a partner with the firm and the event’s moderator.

To address these issues and also to debate the benefits of using Delaware as a location for the registering of foreign subsidiaries, Miranda & Amado welcomed Alan Stachura, Senior Manager of Government Relations of Wolters Kluwer; Lawrence A. Hamermesh, Executive Director of the Institute for Law and Economics of the University of Pennsylvania; Richard L. Winston, founder of Winston Legal Group; and Rick J. Geisenberger, the Delaware Secretary of Finance.

To review the photos of the event, click here