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December 4, 2015

Miranda & Amado launches a new application to know all about labor benefits

• Miranda & Amado introduces “SmartLABORAL” APP

• An “employee benefits calculator” will enable any person or company to know the amount of liquidation by social benefits. Also, the existing regulations and the explanation of labor rights and obligations will be made available (“ABC Laboral”).

Miranda & Amado Abogados, one of the leading law firms in Peru, launched a new application named “SmartLABORAL” (, a new powerful technological tool addressed for employees and workers of a country to access –from cellphone– to the latest updated information of the labor world.

One of the main attractions of the application (APP) is the “employee benefits calculator” that allows determining the reference amount of a liquidation of the social benefits of an employee, just by typing in some basic information such as the check-in date, check-out date, compensation, among others.

With this initiative, Miranda & Amado Abogados makes available to employers, employees, HR managers, students, accountants, lawyers and general audience, a powerful technological tool that is very easy to use to access existing regulations and to be informed of all that happens in the labor world”, the law firm states.

Making labor matters easier

Jorge Toyama, partner at the law firm, says that this tool wants to make labor issues easier to understand, because in the current Peru the regulations are complex, dispersed and disorganized. “We want to make labor matters easier, because dispersion generates ignorance, informality and even conflicts. With this application, all about current regulation, an easy explanation of the main concepts and an employee benefits calculator will be available in a single place”, said the expert.

On the other hand, Renato Mejía, partner of the labor department of the law firm, said the initiative arose from the constant concern of the study to lead innovation processes in the legal market, especially in the labor world. “We decided to put everything related to labor matters in only one APP to make it accessible to many more people,” he said.

He added that innovation and technology is the language of these times so the contribution has been put at the service of the working world. “We are convinced that it will be well received by all the interested people”, he said.

What does this APP contain?

This application named “SmartLABORAL” consists of six modules: Three icons for a general audience (free access) and three other icons addressed for a more specialized audience (registration is required).

The three modules for a general audience (by free access) are:

• ABC Laboral: it didactically explains the main labor matters such as labor contracts, salaries, working hours, dismissals, fines, and so on.

• Labor regulations: It contains a complete and updated list of all labor regulations, a kind of labor code. You do not need to look further: it is the latest and most current information.

• Employee benefits calculator: It will let you know quickly and easily, in a referential way, the amount of a liquidation of social benefits. You have to specify data only such as first day at the company, last day, and the monthly salary. Also, it allows noting if you have family allowance or if you are registered in a Health Care Provider (EPS) and that is all! By adding only 5 fields of data your will know the referential amount of your liquidation.

The three access modules for a specialized audience (by signing in) are:

• Case law: It contains the most recent declarations and judgments of the Judiciary and the Constitutional Court.

• Daily newsletter: It contains the most relevant labor news of the most important newspapers. You will be well informed of all the current labor news in only one minute!

• Bimonthly newsletter: You will access a deeper and more detailed analysis of the most important issues of the labor sector of the last two weeks.

Smart LABORAL is available for iPhone, and those who use other devices may enter the free version in the web:

Tutorial available

A Spanish-version tutorial is available on YouTube: