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September 30, 2019

Miranda & Amado Stands Out in Four Practice Areas of the 2020 Leaders League Ranking

  • Six of the Firm’s lawyers were recognized as benchmarks in their respective specialties.

Miranda & Amado stood out in four practices of the 2020 Leaders League Ranking that was published this week by the renowned French agency.

The Firm was rated “Leading” in Banking & Finance, as well as in Mergers & Acquisitions/Corporate. It was also rated “Excellent” in Project Finance and Corporate Tax Law.

In total, six of the firm’s lawyers were distinguished as benchmarks in their respective specialties: Luis Miranda (Mergers & Acquisitions/Corporate), Pablo Sotomayor (Corporate Tax Law), Rocío Liu (Corporate Tax Law), Luis Marcelo De-Bernardis (Project Finance), Enrique Felices (Project Finance) and José Miguel Puiggros (Banking & Finance).

This ranking is the result of a rigorous assessment and a careful market analysis and audit report. The Leaders League team gathers information from the law firms themselves, their competitors, clients and third parties.