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June 26, 2020

Latin American Arbitration Centers Launch AmCham LAB during Covid-19 Webinar

The arbitration centers of the AmChams in Latin America have taken the initiative of establishing the AmCham Latin Arbitration Board (AmCham LAB), announced José Daniel Amado, President of the Court of Arbitration of the International Arbitration Center of AmCham Peru and Partner of Miranda & Amado, in his inaugural words to the webinar “Arbitration and regulatory measures during COVID-19″, held June 24, 2020, with a top-notch panel including Julie Bédard, Gaetan Verhoosel and Eduardo Silva-Romero, moderated by Dean Cecilia O’Neill of University of the Pacific in Lima and also a Member of the AmCham Peru Court.

A joint declaration seeking the promotion of international standards for the administration and organization of arbitrations, best practices in resolving disputes, as well as equal representation in arbitration.  You can review the text of the declaration here.

Founding members of AmCham LAB include the arbitration centers of AmCham Costa Rica, AmCham Ecuador, AmCham Peru and AmCham Venezuela.   In this regard, Álvaro Aguilar, Secretary General of the AmCham Peru International Arbitration Center stated: “At a first stage we are exchanging relevant information on the dispute-resolution services we provide, promoting the use of virtual and electronic means in our case management and coordinating soft-law instruments and academic activities.”

The webinar “Arbitration and regulatory measures during COVID-19” was officially named the first academic activity carried out by AmCham LAB.