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June 1, 2018

We encourage international experience among our lawyers

As part of our commitment to the ongoing training and international development of our lawyers, we are involved in a secondment program as part of our Affinitas alliance, the aim of which is to facilitate the exchange of experience and knowledge among professionals from different fields of law, during annual three to six month periods.

For the past several years, this initiative has offered our talented staff valuable opportunities for professional development, by giving lawyers the chance to gain legal experience in a different setting, make new contacts and strengthen their ability to adapt and to remain flexible.

It is in this context that our colleague Victor León will be participating in the program from June 1st by joining the Mijares, Angoitia, Cortes & Fuentes law firm in Mexico, while at the same time we play host to Paulina López, an associate from that firm, for a period of six months.

It should be noted that among Peru’s law firms, we are the firm with the highest number of lawyers with experience in leading international firms, a fact which enables us to advise our clients concerning issues and scenarios of global significance.