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October 2, 2017

Miranda & Amado present at the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” Program Opening Ceremony

Over one hundred women leaders, including our Human Resources Manager, Jessica Dominguez, and partner Nathalie Paredes, attended the opening ceremony of the “Breaking the Glass Ceiling” program on September 27. The program seeks to empower women to take on greater leadership roles within their organizations and participate in decision-making processes that contribute to the competitiveness and sustainable economic development of the country.

The program includes free empowerment workshops aimed at three target groups: women in the private sector, women in academia, and women leaders in civil society.  The workshops will be held on October 24-27 where 120 women are expected to participate.

These training sessions will be led by American expert Nancy Hayes, an executive coach and mentor to women entrepreneurs, and a management consultant to corporations, non-profit organizations, and academic institutions.  Ms. Hayes will be arriving in Peru thanks to the efforts of the United States Embassy.

Panel discussions to be held at the end of each workshop will feature Peruvian women who managed to break the glass ceiling and who are leaders in their respective spheres of influence.  They will share their success stories and motivate other women to advance in their careers, growing both professionally and personally.

The American expression “Glass Ceiling” first appeared in 1986 and refers to the invisible barriers keeping women from rising beyond certain hierarchical levels in the corporate world.