Insurance & Reinsurance

Our insurance and reinsurance area is recognized in the market for its specialization in regulatory matters related to insurers and reinsurers and, specifically, for its detailed knowledge and experience regarding regulatory obligations of insurance companies, reinsurance companies, insurance and reinsurance brokers, as well as foreign insurance and reinsurance companies before the Superintendence of Banks, Insurance Companies and Private Pension Funds (local regulator).

We also have experience in: (i) insurance and reinsurance companies acquisitions; (ii) the register in Peru of foreign insurers and reinsurers, as well as brokers; (iii) the design of new insurance products and instruments, including the analysis of the sales channel regulations and the general, particular and special terms and conditions applicable to each product; (iv) the design of transaction documents related to foreign reinsurance companies, included guarantee agreements; (v) the analysis of tax matters associated to insurance and <, reinsurance companies (insurance premiums, damage payments, deductible payments, among others); (vi) the issuance of surety bonds (cartas fianzas – pólizas de caución) and other insurance sector guaranty instruments; (vii) representation of insurers, reinsurers and insureds in judicial and arbitration proceedings related to insurance controversies; and  (viii)  issuance of complex legal opinions regarding insurance and reinsurance matters.


  1. Issuance of a memoranda about applicable regulations and design of reinsurance structures for Travelers Bonds & Financial Products Inc, an international insurance and reinsurance company, regarding the Peruvian legal framework, as well as specific regulatory advice on the insurance and reinsurance industry in Peru.
  2. Providing advice on investments and divestments of companies related to one of the main Peruvian insurance company.
  3. Providing advice to the Peruvian Association of Insurance Companies (“APESEG”) regarding amendments on insurance regulatory issues.
  4. Participation in acquisition and investment operations in companies of the Insurance System in Peru.


Com Argüelles, Anahi Partner
Avendaño Cisneros, Juan Luis Partner
Corzo de la Colina, Rafael Partner
MacLean Martins, Roberto Partner
Agurto Isla, Renzo Counsel
Wiese Bazo, Eduardo Counsel
del Valle Roeder, Álvaro Associate
Jaén Palomino, Josué Associate
Villafuerte Mendoza, José Associate