Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring

Our Insolvency and Corporate Restructuring Area is recognized in the market for its specialization, as well as for its solid and timely advice to clients, all backed by extensive experience in financial crisis scenarios both in Court and out-of-Court insolvency proceedings.

Our practice stands out for the legal advice to creditors from the institutional financial sector for the assessment of risks and analysis of business opportunities, as well as the design and implementation of legal structures that allow them to adequately protect against a potential insolvency scenario of their debtor.

We provide comprehensive and multidisciplinary advice in all stages of the insolvency proceeding before INDECOPI, including the design of strategies and negotiation with the actors involved. Likewise, we structure asset acquisitions and/or business acquisitions operations in financial distressed situations.

In our practice, we prioritize an international approach by participating as advisors in cross-border insolvency proceedings, which has allowed us to acquire significant experience in complex cases of this nature.

The Firm has incorporated a team with proven experience in this field, since its members have participated directly in the most important insolvency proceedings and corporate restructuring cases in Peru. Likewise, they are members of specialized entities such as the INSOL International and the ABI – American Bankruptcy Institute.


  1. Expert witness on Peruvian Insolvency Law before the Bankruptcy Court of New York during the appointment of a Chapter 11 Trustee according to the United States Bankruptcy Code.
  2. Local counsel of the most important group of financial creditors before a transnational fishing group in the possible start of local insolvency proceedings.
  3. Providing advice to a local mining company in the insolvency proceeding of its operator.
  4. Providing advice to a local company in the insolvency proceeding of a fishing company.
  5. Providing advice for the voluntary dissolution and liquidation of three (3) companies from the financial sector regulated by the Peruvian Superintendence of Banking and Finance.
  6. Modification of the Reorganization Plan of a company from the commercialization of fuels´ sector.


Corzo de la Colina, Rafael Partner
MacLean Martins, Roberto Partner
Agurto Isla, Renzo Counsel
Wiese Bazo, Eduardo Counsel
Casaverde Rodriguez, Patricia Associate
Benavides Kolind Hansen, Lisbeth Associate
Villafuerte Mendoza, José Associate
Rossi Callo, Renzo Rafael Associate